Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Expositor's Academy and CCT

We had been talking about it for years and now it is finally beginning to happen.  My friend and ministry partner, Pastor E.J. Delmundo oversees the training of a ministry called Center for Community Transformation (CCT).  Pastor E.J. asked me if I'm would be willing to help by designing a modular curriculum to train these men throughout the country and to build a team to help teach it to them.  

The Lord put it on my heart to do this and we are putting together a two year plan where we teach in three locations; Manila on Luzon, Iloilo in the Visayas and Davao in Mindanao.  Lord willing, we will expand beyond these locations in the future.  The plan is to have members from our team to travel to each location for two days every month.  We will be teaching our students bible study methods and principles of interpretation, Old and New Testament Surveys, Preaching, Doctrine Survey and Pastoral Ministries.  

The training will include follow-up assignments.  Each student will be required to read and outline the themes of every chapter of the Bible.  They will also have some follow-up reading, including books on various aspects of ministry, monthly articles on the topics that they are studying and the MacArthur Study Bible notes.  The students will also have weekly sermons to listen to and evaluate.  Lastly, they will have biblical interpretation assignments integrated into the weekly sermons and bible studies that they teach.  This will reenforce the principles that they are learning and help to show us what areas we can further guide their learning.  

Sean, Randal, Geoffrey, Jason and John
Last month, we had a team of four men from Christ Fellowship Bible Church in St. Louis Missouri come to the Philippines as our guest teachers.  Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland was joined by his father Randy Kirkland, Jason Woelm and John Kesselring.  They taught a four day exposition of 1 Timothy to about 35 men.  The team split in two, with Pastor Geoff and John going to Iloilo and Randy and Jason going to Davao.  One pastor who attended the module in Davao wrote me:
     Hi Pastor Sean, Thank you so much for everything. The
     module class was great...I really praise the Lord for the
     class. It helped us a lot in understanding the whole book
     of 1 Timothy. I learned a lot and I am very excited to
     share my learnings with those I teach. Please let me
     know if there are still classes in the future because if
     God wills, I will really attend. Thank you so much also     

     for the nice accommodation. When we went there, we
     are all free in registration and food...we really appreciate
     all your kindness. God bless you! We are always
     praying for you and the ministry.

Another student wrote:
       Leaning today a lot about prayer as ministers/workers/
heralds of the Gospel. Pastor Randy explained it clearly          
       and also the Issues on how [men and women] in the   
       church should function...God is leading u to pick godly   
       servant to teach us..God bless u to and ur household.    
       ...prayers and regards from all of us from Davao

Iloilo Students

We are excited to come along side of these men to help train them via modular training in addition to our weekly training in the Manila area. We covet your prayers for the Lord's guidance of our steps as we plan and teach these front line ministers. Also pray for the Dexter's, Greene's and Luciano's as they raise support to join us here in the Philippines.