Friday, April 11, 2008

Miss Little Monster

Who says that little girls can't be little monsters? I heard a ruckus in the kitchen while I was studying. It's not unreasonable for my first thought to be, "Tyler, what are you in to?" Instead this is what I found. Isabella!
On a positive note, it looks like she might be the first Ransom child who actually enjoys washing the dishes.

It wasn't long after I rescued her from the sink and got back to work that I heard the sound of a chair sliding across the kitchen floor. It appears that she was not feeling well so she thought she would grab that delicious grape flavored stuff that mommy gave her last night for her mild fever.(Thank goodness for the childproof caps). What happened to the days when we were safe putting all the "keep out reach of children" stuff away in high places . . . like kitchen cabinets? Its not like we don't have toys or a swing set and a pile of sand in the back yard. We even have the flowers and dandelions that Bella's big sister Grace is so fond of.
Once again I returned her to safety only to find her a few minutes later in a state of - I guess - hunger. Jessica and her parents love to cook and it appears that Bella may have inherited that same ability.

Well the third time (in 10 minutes) was the charm. It was time for this little monster to retire to the safety of her bed for a nap and since there was no scuffle or objections, I believe it is safe to say that Miss Little Monster agrees.

Let's see if I can return again to some uninterrupted study time. Lots of papers to write, books to read, emails to answer and phone calls to make. Five kids can be a lot of work, but it is worth it and the blessings far exceed the interruptions.