Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reconnecting with Grandma/pa and a few Conferences

I was feeling a mixture of fear, dread, and obligation.  I have three conferences to attend in March and thought, how can I go to California and not bring my two youngest children with me to see their grand parents?  They aren't in school and are able to travel so I decided to risk the potential torture of 16 plus hours of flying each way with a 19 month old and a 5 year old.  So far it has been great.  Both kids did great on the plan ride, I only had to change 3 diapers on the way, had no tantrums and didn't even have to bust out the DVD player, coloring books or toys.

I spent the first weekend in Arizona visiting Pastor Weymann Lee who has been partnering with us to train men in the Philippines and I also spent time with good friends from The Church at South Mountain, who also partners with us.  It was a blessing to be with all of them as we enjoyed sweet fellowship and some good expository teaching and preaching.

My good friends Zach and Staci Volker watched the kids part of the time for me while I traveled; I figured that my kids had enough flying so I left them for a few days in the care of others.  

After picking up Grandma and Grandpa Mereau who flew in from North Carolina to see the kids, (and me perhaps) I drove us all back to grandma and grandpa Gomez's place where we had a special treat; unexpected snow fell in Banning CA.  We don't really own much winter clothes anymore, but we made due.  I took Josiah out for a few minutes to see and touch the snow.  Bella was a little more adventurous.   
Bella enjoying sunny California snow

Josiah's first encounter with snow

Isabella and Grandpa Mereau

Bella's first snowman

Bella's first snow angel
This weekend the conferences start.  On Saturday I will participate in our partner Calvary Bible Church's mission conference on Saturday evening and then preach two services there on Sunday morning.  Monday and Tuesday are The Master's Academy International's Symposium and Wednesday through Friday is the Shepherd's Conference.  Many meetings will also be taking place throughout the week as well (including spending some time with me son Kian at The Master's College).  I will spend my last Sunday at our home church on March 11 (The Bridge Bible Fellowship).  The kids and I will return on Monday March 12 where Jessica and three of our other kids are waiting for us.  Classes in Manila will resume shortly after that.  I appreciate your prayers for a fruitful trip and traveling mercies.