Monday, August 31, 2009

PETRA Shepherd's Conference 2009

On August 27-29 we participated in our 3rd annual Shepherd’s Conference which was sponsored by our partners the PETRA foundation and Greenhills Christian Fellowship.  After going to the Shepherd’s Conference at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California earlier this year, our team from PETRA/GCF was full of ideas to enhance the conference here in the Philippines.  Over 650 ministers enjoyed three days of hearing God’s Word being preached and break out sessions on various topics including expository preaching, local church ministry, conflict resolution, missions, ministry to the poor, and three sessions for women taught by my beautiful wife Jessica Ransom.  She will also do a follow up class on parenting using the book “Shepherding the heart of a child.”

Jessica Ransom

I taught on preaching and interpreting the Bible to a few hundred eager ministers and will follow up the conference with two 14 week classes on those topics.  I spent time with them showing them how to discover the main idea of the original author and encouraging them to proclaim that rather than focusing on what people want to hear.  Several of them shared their appreciation for what they had learned and expressed their desire to enroll in our TMAI classes to learn more.

Sean Ransom

A few things that we learned and implemented from Grace Community Church's Shepherd's Conference were getting members of the church involved in serving and supporting the conference.  Members helped provide food, rides, clothing, medical/dental/vision care as well as serving at the conference.  Elder Mike Asperin taught on ministering to the military and elder Dan Cura taught on Worship, while pastor B.J. Sebastian taught on preaching 

Other speakers for the conference included TMS graduate Roger Ng from Singapore and Pastor Chris Chia (also from Singapore).  Pastor Chris taught on 1 Timothy 2 regarding the walk of a christian leader and Pastor Roger taught on confronting false doctrine and preaching with passion and purpose.

Pastor Roger Ng

Pastor Chris Chia

It was an added joy to see several of our friends and students at the conference and the joy that they were experiencing as the fellowshipped, worshiped, are were further equipped for ministry.

Pastor Noel Alberto

Pastor Ogie and his wife Gina

Pastor Ogie and Gina suffered a tragedy a few months ago and we were eager to minister to them at the conference and into the future.  Click here to read their story.  Join us in praying for the many ministers who attended this conference.  Pray that would continue to fell refreshed, challenged and encouraged in the Lord.  Also pray that God would continue to build them up and that He would gain more glory as they grow in their passion and abilities to teach God's people and make Him known.