Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boracay Preaching Module

This month we followed up last October's Biblical Interpretation module on the Philippine Island of Boracay with a second module. This time we taught and introduction to preaching. Thirty one men spent the week with guest professor Weymann Lee from Phoenix Arizona and myself for an intensive time studying and practicing preaching. Some of the pastors and leaders who joined us traveled some 5 hours by bus from the near by Island of Panay. We made the short hop from Manila to bring the training and materials to these dear brothers so that they don't have to relocate or stop their ministries.
The module started with a assign-
ment to assess the men's understanding of some key passages and to see how they interpret them. This was followed by a review of how to interpret the Bible and then proceeded with three more days of instruction on preaching. The week culminated with the men being divided into three groups to practice what they learned by preaching a short sermon from an assigned text. This also allowed us to coach their strengths and weaknesses. I was pleased at their interaction, good questions, and the progress that they made in the interpreting and proclaiming the Scriptures.
I'm back in Manila now, teaching four classes a week (one in partnership with BTCP) and mentoring a small group of pastors in their preaching and other ministries. Our plan is to return to Boracay again in May to start Old Testament Survey, but this time we want to have a family module. We will invite the pastors to bring their wives and children. The pastors will be taught OT Survey from 8am-noon on a Monday through Friday, while the wives will have seminars on marriage and family issues. Then everyone will be off to enjoy the beach till the evening. After dinner the men will continue OT survey on Mon-Wed-Friday and on Tuesday and Thursday nights the whole group will worship together and enjoy teaching from the Word on marriage and family. During the morning teaching times, we plan to have VBS type learning for the children as well. We have several graduates from the Master's Seminary to join us for the teaching, but we are still praying for a church or churches to join us by volunteering to help teach, care for the kids, and sponsors some of these families so that they can receive the training. We appreciate your prayers for the plans, preparation and resources for this ministry. Email me if you are interested or have some leads.