Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little business and a little pleasure.

Let me start with the business. I've been back in the Philippines for almost 3 weeks now and I, along with the ministers who joined me, are still riding the high of the Master's Academy International (TMAI) symposium and the Shepherd's Conference.
We were blessed with a very edifying and productive time which included 3 meetings with John MacArthur, 2 with Mark Tatlock (the vice president of the Master's College) meetings with churches, various ministries and other men from TMAI training centers all over the world.
One of the highlights of our time was when I learned that John MacArthur was excited about what God is doing in the Philippines and his desire to come along side of us and help. This help included his willingness to come out to the Philippines to teach if the Lord allows it. We were also excited to see that the Master's College is also committed to partnering with us where then can to help pastor's, local churches, and Filipino Christians to further their education and skills in the ministry.

I am back to teaching 3 classes a week and a weekly mentoring meeting with a group of pastors at my house. Our current classes are Theology Survey, Old Testament Survey and Preaching 1. I am working with our church here (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) in planning our up coming conference in June. Rick Holland from Grace Community Church will be our key note speaker and myself along with a few grads from the Master's seminary will be teaching some break out seminars. Jessica will be joining in teaching some seminars for women. A couple of days after the conference, the whole family and I will be jumping on a plane and flying to the U.S. for a couple of months. During that time I will be doing some research at the Master's Seminary for my doctrinal program. Jessica will be having out 6th baby in late July (Lord willing) and we will visit family, friends, supporters, and our supporting churches. Then in August we will be going to the Grace Church missions conference.

Now to the pleasure. My wife Jessica lost her wedding ring some time ago and I was able to sneak away for a few hours to buy her a new ring. I felt like I was taking a big chance by buying her a ring that she didn't pick out, but after 20 years of marriage I feel like I know her and her taste well enough. I figured that in a worse case scenario, even if she didn't like the ring, she would still love the fact that I thought of her and tried to please her. Fortunately she loves the ring (or at least that what she tells me) I keep catching her looking at it. I was planning on giving it to her on her birthday, but I couldn't wait. So the day I got back from the U.S. I took her to a quite little restaurant with a nice view. I even got on my knee as I gave it to her and told her how much I love her and am blessed by her. Mark Tatlock set me up with a friend how put together a really nice diamond and ring set for us. As an added benefit, I'm guessing that I won't have any trouble going to the U.S. for the Shepherd's Conference next year and that she will joyfully release me to go.

Please be in prayer for the pastors, minister and others who attend our conference in June. Also pray for a fruitful trip to the U.S. and for a healthy baby and safe delivery. If you would like to see us while we are in the States, then please send me an email so we can schedule some time together.