Thursday, May 01, 2008


From the Bridge

My friend pastor Richard continues to minister at the Manalo Bridge while we are here on furlough in the U.S. Here is a report he sent me the other day:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! How are you pastor sean?how is your study and your family there? well we are all fine here at Crossroads Green hills and Sta.Lucia. by the way did you received my last email regarding chariel? according to Doctor, it is Good that the operation will be held next year since he has Good improvement on his health. here are some news regarding bridge not so latest.

1. two weeks before, obet was hited by car and got not serious damage. the only problem that he got was his right feet (he was using in walking)was swollen so right now he was momentarily unable to walk. his well chair completely destroyed because of impact and after a week the person who hit him gave a new well chair, he also game some money for obets' medicine. he was unable to attend the sunday service for 3 Sundays and hopefully he can attend this coming Sunday.

2. Right now there are on going Meralco (the electric company] post contraction on manggahan bridge, their is a big hole there and hopefully will finish also this week. pray for their safety most especially the children in manggahan.

3. Last week we held DVBS or Daily Vication Bible School from manggahan with 30 was great time of learning and fellowship for children there.

4. two weeks before, Mr.Abug manifested his sick again. ( Mentally sickness) and according to ate charlyn and wife of Mr. abug, it was because he did not received his injection for that month, that's why he was like that.Praised God because Dra.Henson gave money and she swear that she will give monthly but i don't now until when?maybe after you come back here in the Philippines.

5. Regarding our Bible Study, we agreed with Sis.cecil that we will join her group to my group and make it
one Bible study. some of them are busy that is why they did not attended the Bible.
6. Regarding my study in AGS, i will ask 1,000 peso this second week of May to complete all my requirements in AGS. like Picture,x-ray test,entrance fee for AGS. (We are helping pastor Richard finish seminary).

7.Regarding the account of AGS i already e mailed them but as of now no reply yet, i think it will be better if i personally go there and get their account number maybe During my submissions of my requirements or during my entrance exam before this May end.

8. praised God for providing me a motor vehicle which is usefully for the ministry especially right now i am handling Bible study and visitation in Floodway, marikina, and cainta.this motor vehicle was from our denomination exclusively for Pastor and church workers and i loaned it personally with church consent. i will pay 950 peso (about $22 USD) monthly for 5 years no interest.

9. This coming May 24 Saturday their will be medical mission from manggahan through Doctors Free

clinic i Saint Francis. it aims to bring medical support as well as spiritual.there will be 3 to 4 Doctors who will participate on this mission plus counselors and trainers from Evangelim Explossion.

10. there will be another batch of pictures from manggahan last december and i try to have pictures from DVS. i will try to send to you next week

Thanks pastor Sean and God bless!!!

Grace Ministries International
For practical reasons we are changing missions agencies. Starting in August we will no longer will be with Reach Global and instead will be a part of GMI (You can click on the link to learn more about GMI, but our information has not been added yet).

Our ministry to our friends at Manalo Bridge and training national pastors in association with The Master's Academy will not change at all, but our support agency will. This change will join us to a group that is almost exclusively focused on training national pastors and will provide us with a lot more expertise, training and resources. In addition, this change means that 100% of our support will go to ministry because Grace Community Church will cover all our administrative costs as a ministry of the church. If you are a part of our support team, we are in the process of sending you all of the information regarding where to send your contributions. If you and not a part of our support team, but would like to be just go to contact:

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