Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Masters Academy International:

The ground work for the Master's Academy International has began in the Philippines. I am currently teaching three groups of pastors, ministers, and bible college students hermeneutics (how to interpret the bible) and Old Testament survey. My wife Jessica is teaching some of them how to improve their English speaking ability. I am also partnering with fellow TMS graduate Mark Macatangay who is one of the pastors at Green Hills Christian Fellowship.

The first group that I started to teach are 15 men who are involved with ministering to the provincial poor. They reach the poor in their community teaching and connecting them with established local churches or helping to plant new ones among them.

The second group that I am teaching are bible students and a few local pastors. Many of them came to Christ while in prison and are now focusing on reaching the urban poor. All of them are involved in local ministry and several of them are traveling evangelist who love to share how Christ has changed their lives.

Mark and I co teach a third group of men who minister to the Filipine Army and national police. Students include a navy admiral, military colonel, businessmen, engineers, and bankers who are now pastors and ministers hungering for training. This particular class started with about 30 students and through word of mouth has increased to just over 40.

Partnership with White Fields:
This month I spoke at a conference sponsored by a missions organization called White Fields. The executive director, Stephen Lonetti is a friend and former teacher of mine from the Master's Seminary. Stephen, Leo Ordialles (the Philippines field director for White Fields) and I are looking forward to working together and increasing our involvement in training men in expository preaching and church planting.

Home assignment
The Ransom family will be going back to California from mid-December until July of 2008. We are returning to share what God has been doing in and through us as well as working on raising support that we are lacking, recruiting co workers, and attending a class at Talbot Theological seminary. We hope to see all of you while we are there. Contact us if you would like to arrange a time to get together.